Agriculture 4.0 and the role of education


  • Ilsiiar Pogorelskaia
  • László Várallyai



The fast development of information and communication technologies gave impetus to the emergence of a new turn in the revolutionary development of the Agriculture industry. The main goal of Agriculture 4.0 is to produce more and better with fewer tools (sensors), for which more tools and technologies already exist today. Use of robots and drones is being introduced in agriculture and various targeted software is being developed to process data. Deploying IoT devices in agricultural areas that can send us plant-related data remotely opens up a whole new opportunity for us in several areas. Agriculture, or the food industry in general, cannot be an exception when it comes to Agriculture 4.0. There are also some ideas and initiatives around the use of Blockchain technology. So, farmers extremely need to get ready to embrace the upcoming digital change and they have to increase or acquire new ICT skills and capabilities. Nowadays digital education makes it easier to acquire new knowledge and skills in ICT. Information and communication technologies tools open new potentials for on-the-job, individual workplace learning, using new methods and models of education such as personal learning clouds or set up personal learning environments. All of these helps to solve one of the main challenges - reducing existing skill gaps.

Author Biography

László Várallyai

László Várallyai works at University of Debrecen, Faculty of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Department of Business and Agricultural Informatics as professor assistant. His specialist areas of work are the following: Software developing, Internet-based developing, Database systems. He was taking part in more research projects and has 10 years experience of computer application in agriculture. The most important project is: Support Collaboration Argumentation-based e-Learning in secondary schools, supported by the European Commission, Framework 5 Programme (IST-1999-10664). He was the secretary of the Organizing Committee of the EFITA2003 Conference that was supported by EU. He is member of some professional bodies (Hungarian Association of Agricultural Informatics, John von Neumann Computer Society). He is author or co-author of more than 90 publications.




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Pogorelskaia, I., & Várallyai, L. (2020). Agriculture 4.0 and the role of education. Journal of Agricultural Informatics, 11(1).



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