From Barcode to QR Code Applications


  • László Várallyai



This paper shows the Zsohár Horticulture Company in Nagyrákos, how they want to change their barcode identification system to QR code. They cultivate herbaceous, perpetual decorational plants, rock-garden, flower-bed and swamp perpetuals, decorational grasses and spices. A part of the perpetuals are evergreens, but most of them has special organs - such as onions, thick-, bulbous roots, "winter-proof" buds - so they can survive winter. In the first part of the paper I introduce the different barcode standards, how can it be printed and how can it be read. In the second part of the paper I give details about the quick response code (QR code) and the two-dimensional (2D) barcode. Third part of this paper illustrates the QR code usability in agriculture focused on the gardening.




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Várallyai, L. (2013). From Barcode to QR Code Applications. Journal of Agricultural Informatics, 3(2).



Journal of Agricultural Informatics

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