Knowledge databank and repository service for agroforestry


  • Charles Burriel Agrosup Dijon
  • Miklós Herdon University of Debrecen
  • János Tamás University of Debercen
  • László Várallyai University of Debercen



The agricultural system experienced a strong abandonment of agroforestry in the 20th century, with agroforestry today taking place only on a few million ha in Europe. One of the aims of the AgroFE (Agroforestry Training in Europe) and the Agrof-MM (Agroforestry – Training – Mediterranean and Mountain Erasmus+) European projects is to build a knowledge databank to assist educational development and to provide experts and farmers with agroforestry knowledge. The KDB (Knowledge DataBank) is based on different professional vocabulary, metadata and thesaurus systems to build the content structure and help the users in their searches. A new tool will improve the knowledge management of agroforestry. The Agrof-MM project is creating an agroforestry thesaurus. The paper describes the knowledge databank system prototype for Agroforestry training and education. The knowledge databank is a component of the project training system. It aims to gather and share a set of documents and resources that partners, learners and public users can access in different forms: mono document objects and composite materials.

Author Biography

Miklós Herdon, University of Debrecen

Prof. Dr. Miklós Herdon (PhD) works at University of Debrecen, Hungary as Director of the Institute of Economic Analysis Methodology and Applied Informatics. He was responsible for many research projects and has 35 year experience of computer applications in agriculture. Regarding to education he is responsible for many subjects and he organized a lot of conferences on informatics in education and agricultural informatics. He is responsible of BSc and MSc education programs in agri-informatics and a core member of Doctorate School at University of Debrecen and the president of the Hungarian Association of Agricultural Informatics (HAAI) since 2002. He is/was member of some professional bodies (IEEE, Member of Supervisory Board of John von Neumann Computer Society, member of European Federation of Information Technology for Agriculture (EFITA) Board). He has more than 260 publications.




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Burriel, C., Herdon, M., Tamás, J., & Várallyai, L. (2017). Knowledge databank and repository service for agroforestry. Journal of Agricultural Informatics, 8(3).



Journal of Agricultural Informatics

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