Management support systems in the Hungarian food manufacturing sector


  • Attila Sándor Debrenti University of Debrecen
  • Adrián Csordás University of Debrecen
  • Miklós Herdon University of Debrecen



Today businesses in the food sector face many problems: decreasing profitability, increasing competition, and rapidly changing consumer demands, resulting from the global crisis. Decision support systems have recently proved themselves to be helpful tools and are becoming essential to stay competitive within most sectors of the food industry. The development of the digitization of Hungarian enterprises is essential to increase competitiveness and efficiency. That is why the initiative of the strategic task for the food sector digitalization is vital. For the development of the strategy, it is advisable to know the position and opinion of the players in the sector. In this research, set out to create a pre-study work. In the article, the research examined the conditions of decision support and management support that are necessary for the company to operate more efficiently to make better decisions. So focus was on integrated enterprise information systems, management support systems, business intelligence systems, industry 4.0 technologies, and issues related to their application. An analysis based on a questionnaire survey covered the Hungarian food processing sector. According to the survey, the sector needs significant improvement and creating a digitalization strategy.

Author Biographies

Attila Sándor Debrenti, University of Debrecen

PhD student

Adrián Csordás, University of Debrecen

PhD student

Miklós Herdon, University of Debrecen





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Debrenti, A. S., Csordás, A., & Herdon, M. (2019). Management support systems in the Hungarian food manufacturing sector. Journal of Agricultural Informatics, 10(1).



Journal of Agricultural Informatics

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