Human resource development using e-learning for Hungarian agricultural experts


  • Péter Lengyel University of Debrecen
  • István Füzesi University of Debrecen
  • Ádám Péntek University of Debrecen
  • Miklós Herdon



This study presents the use of e-learning application for agricultural professionals. In addition to traditional forms of training, and built on it there was necessary to establish a distance learning system (e-learning platform), which was extensive multimedia-based solution for the staff of Central Agricultural Office (CAO), working in different parts of the country and caring different areas. E-learning has been introduced under a projects. The e-learning (distance learning) pilot training of CAO’s professionals started at the end of 2009. Our research aims to examine the spread of e-learning applications for further training of agricultural professionals, particularly in the human development of agro-technical administrative staff and experts. There have never been any surveys about the application of the e-learning system among the agricultural experts. This fact enforced our aim to carry out a research among them. This goal was formulated in 2011, when we conducted a questionnaire survey among the consultants. We repeated the survey in 2015 and this article publish the comparison of results too.




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Lengyel, P., Füzesi, I., Péntek, Ádám, & Herdon, M. (2016). Human resource development using e-learning for Hungarian agricultural experts. Journal of Agricultural Informatics, 7(1).



Journal of Agricultural Informatics

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