Industry sector role in the Brazilian GDP and Exportation Share




With the advent of more complex technologies, a new industrial revolution has approached, which leads to changes in several processes and the industrial sector might have a crucial role in the present days since the advanced products the society uses are all manufactured and need well develop industrial plants to be produced. At the same time during the last 20 years, the world experienced the economical emergence of new countries, and among them one was Brazil. The current essay intends to investigate the powers behind the Brazilian growth during this period, dividing the GDP composition and comparing it with other similar countries. The focus will be the manufacturing sector’s role in the Brazilian economy, and whether the country is walking towards the modern advancements in society.




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Oliveira, H. F. de, & Lengyel, P. (2021). Industry sector role in the Brazilian GDP and Exportation Share. Journal of Agricultural Informatics, 12(1).



Journal of Agricultural Informatics

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