Development of ICT Support of Hungarian Meat Sector


  • István Füzesi
  • Péter Lengyel
  • Katalin Csobán
  • Róbert Szilágyi



Food safety and quality are keys to companies' business survival and great efforts and resources are devoted to them. Through the quick development of computer technology, a number of new and innovative methods have been elaborated to solve this problem. A full traceability of products can be realized by the adaptation of numbering and bar code systems, as well as by electronic and biological marking systems, on the basis of their appropriate combination. Identification technologies make the traceability of a product in a product chain possible and their use is relevant during almost every phase of the product line, as it is necessary to provide for the unambiguous identification of each individual product. In order to compare the identification technologies, we have to consider several factors. While there are numerous advantages and disadvantages for each solution in comparison with the other techniques, we still cannot unanimously choose the one that conforms to the requirements of the meat industry product chain the best, as there are different challenges on each step of the product chain. We performed the comparison of the identification technologies on the basis of different characteristics. Our objective was to explore, systemize and analyze those identification technologies applicable for meat industrial product chains. The regulations of identification provide for the continuity and reliability of tracing among independent partners. Our research focused on food tracing systems, utilized identification systems and those which may become applicable in the future. We also studied information technology tools and examined the establishment of Hungarian meat industry enterprises. Based on our survey, we established that the bar code technique is currently the absolute leader in the sector, although modern solutions provide numerous advantages, their profitable application is not possible for the time being.




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Füzesi, I., Lengyel, P., Csobán, K., & Szilágyi, R. (2016). Development of ICT Support of Hungarian Meat Sector. Journal of Agricultural Informatics, 7(2).



Journal of Agricultural Informatics

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