A literature review of contemporary industrial revolutions as decision support resources


  • Richárd Nagy University of Debrecen




Industry 4.0, Industry 5.0, decision support, value creation


Today's industrial revolutions radically transform our understanding of technological possibilities and the importance of human creativity. All these contribute to changes in the process and tools of decision support. In this literature review, I will discuss the technological opportunities that can be applied in Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0 and the related role of human resources. Industry 4.0 is not just about an explosion in the industry, but about the digitalization of the entire economy. Digitalisation solutions include CPS systems that integrate computing, networking and physical processes. CPS systems are based on the networking of the machines that make up the system, with the ultimate goal of developing a learning algorithm that can autonomously perform optimization tasks. In the centre of Industry 5.0 is people-centredness, sustainability and resilience. Along with Industry 5.0, human-machine interfaces have developed. Its aim is to help the employee to work in a way that takes into account his or her abilites. Harnessing the potential of the human-robot interface to improve economic and social processes will be a crucial factor in the coming years. Moreover, supporting the technological lagging is also a priority in the modern industrial revolutions. In additional to financial incentives, availability of technical support can be a critical factor during the implementation procedure and the use of these new technologies. This can have a big impact on the daily lives of businesses and households.




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