Development and testing experiences of a management supporting data acquisition system


  • Róbert Szilágyi Section editor University of Debrecen
  • Mihály Tóth University of Debrecen



The growing food demand and decreasing size of the rural areas require striving for optimal results of production. To achieve this, we can use decision support systems. The critical point of the application is the availability of proper quantity and quality data set. The data source can be developed using a statistical database, using a database created by conventional management application and the measurement databases, created by data acquisition systems. The use of this systems can be helpful, if constant data is required about measurable factors which can influence the result directly or indirectly. As the result of this paper, a modular data acquisition system is developed, which consists of six modules, including the control module, user interface module, sensor modules, external device controller module, communication module and wireless module. The modular system is considered to maintain cost effectivity and response to the application needs. To support the mentioned system, a desktop application, a web application, and a measurement databased is also developed. The desktop application is able to manage the system and provide data query or visualized data. The test of the system is performed in a small greenhouse environment. The experience, gained during this test helped to form further development opportunities.

Author Biography

Róbert Szilágyi, Section editor University of Debrecen

Róbert Szilágyi (PhD) works at University of Debrecen, Economic Analysis Methodology and Applied Informatics Institute as an assistant professor. His professional areas are mobile internet applications in agriculture, e-learning, multimedia content developing, and e-government. He graduated at the University of Debrecen as an agrobusiness engineer. He received the PhD degree at the University of Debrecen in 2006. He got Business Management MBA at the University of Debrecen in 2008. He worked in several research projects and has more than 10 year experience of computer application in agriculture. He has been the secretary of the Hungarian Association of Agricultural Informatics (HAAI) since 2007. He is member of John von Neumann Computer Society. He has more than 70 publications.




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Szilágyi, R., & Tóth, M. (2017). Development and testing experiences of a management supporting data acquisition system. Journal of Agricultural Informatics, 8(2).



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