Significance of food industry trademarks and product traceability from a customer perspective


  • István Füzesi University of Debrecen
  • Péter Lengyel University of Debrecen
  • János Felföldi University of Debrecen



Food quality and safety related scandals have received considerable media coverage and have improved consumer awareness in Hungary and Europe. Consequently, the existence or lack of food safety may become a significant limiting factor which affects global trade. The number of consumers who require additional information on the origin of food products is becoming increasingly widespread. Our research seeks to provide an answer to the question whether confidence in the product manufacturer, some certificate (trademark) or detailed traceability information might well increase the acceptance and sales of a particular product. Moreover, the paper investigates what level of traceability information detail Hungarian consumers need, whether they intend to pay a higher price for traceability data beyond legislative requirements. Results show that consumers are mostly unaware of product traceability notions and they have limited insight into the product chain. As a result, they frequently identify product traceability with food safety; furthermore, the majority of consumers question the reliability of the information provided. The development, establishment and operation of a complex information system to provide adequate data for consumers require considerable investments and improvements, which are difficult - if not impossible - to realise from the approximately 10% additional charge considered as acceptable by consumers. In conclusion, such service can succeed if it has other, extra functionality as well.




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Füzesi, I., Lengyel, P., & Felföldi, J. (2018). Significance of food industry trademarks and product traceability from a customer perspective. Journal of Agricultural Informatics, 9(2).



Journal of Agricultural Informatics

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