Usage of network services among sole holders


  • Szilvia Botos
  • András Cseh



In the information society information means new production factor for the agri-food economy. The existence of appropriate information at the appropriate time determine significantly the efficiency of farming. Nowadays we can get information the most quickly by internet, so broadband developments in rural regions have become more and more important. Since the importance of e-administration is growing, broadband internet access is also important for agri-enterprises, because it allows fast access for law regulations and orders and they can find information about procurement and sales opportunities. In the article firstly we give a brief outline about the importance of internet access and the characteristics of broadband infrastructure in rural areas. After that we show how farmers use internet services and for what purposes, based on results of our questionnaire. Based on our examination, our network infrastructure and the usage of e-services are lagging behind other more developed European countries. In underdeveloped regions information society technologies can help to small agricultural enterprises to be viable and competitive.




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Botos, S., & Cseh, A. (2011). Usage of network services among sole holders. Journal of Agricultural Informatics, 2(1).



Journal of Agricultural Informatics

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