Testing of Direct Computer Mapping for dynamic simulation of a simplified Recirculating Aquaculture System


  • Monika Varga Kaposvár University
  • Sándor Balogh Kaposvar University
  • Balázs Kucska Kaposvar University
  • Yaoguang Wei China Agricultural University
  • Daoliang Li China Agricultural University
  • Béla Csukás Kaposvár University




First implementation and testing of Direct Computer Mapping (DCM) based methodology for modeling and dynamic simulation of Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) were made and evaluated. The test model of the underlying hybrid, multiscale processes were generated for a simplified example system, utilizing data and empirical equations for the production of African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) from the available literature. The Waste Water Treatment model was temporarily implemented by efficiency factor. The authors studied how the graphically generated, locally programmable building elements can be applied for dynamic simulation of the given complex system. According to these previous test results, DCM methodology can give a flexible and robust solution to describe the backbone structure of a core model that can be adapted to the changing formulation and data in the local models, individually. In addition, DCM methodology seems to be able to generate the various RAS schemes from the model of a single fish tank. Based on the experiences, as well as, with the knowledge of a more comprehensive data and relationships, in the ongoing work we shall implement and analyze complex RAS models.

Author Biography

Monika Varga, Kaposvár University

Monika Varga (PhD) works as a Research Fellow in Research Group on Process Network Engineering at Kaposvar University, Hungary. She graduated from Agricultural Engineering at Kaposvar University. Her main research is focuses on dynamic simulation based identification, design, control and optimization of conservational and informational processes. Since 2005 she has been participating in the solution of 3 national and 2 international R&D project, as well as 14 industrial projects. Recently the major fields of applications are computational model based methodology and tool to support sustainable rural development; development and experimental application of software prototypes for agrifood process network interoperability; model based optimal design and control of biotechnological processes in pharmaceutical and food industry; Computational Systems Biology (cellular metabolic and signaling processes). She is the author and co-author of more than 30 publications, as well as the member of some professional organizations (HAAI, EFITA, AIPA, HAS-Working Group of Process Engineering, HAS-Working Group on Bioengineering).




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Varga, M., Balogh, S., Kucska, B., Wei, Y., Li, D., & Csukás, B. (2015). Testing of Direct Computer Mapping for dynamic simulation of a simplified Recirculating Aquaculture System. Journal of Agricultural Informatics, 6(3). https://doi.org/10.17700/jai.2015.6.3.230



Journal of Agricultural Informatics