Tracing of family farm products with Direct Computer Mapping method


  • Tankovics András Kaposvár University, 40 Guba S Kaposvár, 7400, Hungary



Sector spanning traceability of actors in agrifood process networks has not been solved fully. Present work is an application of the studies, carried out by the Research Group on Process Informatics at Kaposvár University, based on the simplified dynamic mass balance of process networks. Actually, the possible network participation of crop producing family farms, being at the beginning of process chain was investigated. Considering the huge percentage of these small actors, first the data recording and reporting activity of small family farms were studied. Accordingly, the technological processes and data recording activities of these actors were analyzed. With the knowledge of the experiences a temporary data reporting system was developed that supports the recording of all data, necessary for the participation in the sector spanning traceability system. The suggested solution was convenient for tested family farms. The applied methodology proved to be feasible for the integration of the small family farms into the complex traceability system.




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András, T. (2012). Tracing of family farm products with Direct Computer Mapping method. Journal of Agricultural Informatics, 3(1).



Journal of Agricultural Informatics