Biotype identification of Bemisia tabaci by acoustical method


  • Hiroki Nakabayashi
  • Koichi Mizutani
  • Tadashi Ebihara
  • Naoto Wakatsuki
  • Hiroyuki Uga
  • Kenji Kubota
  • Masahisa Ishii



Bemisia tabaci has two major biotypes: B and Q. Biotype identification is necessary for whitefly control, since different biotypes have different pesticide resistance. However, slow and expensive techniques are needed for accurate biotype classification. In this paper, we propose a whitefly biotype identification scheme using an acoustic signature, and evaluate its performance. The proposed scheme achieves biotype identification by three steps: signal detection, frequency-domain matching, and classification of biotypes. We evaluated the performance of the proposed scheme by processing actual whitefly sounds obtained in a recording experiment, and calculated the accuracy of the classification. Results showed the proposed biotype identification method achieved a correct detection rate of 92% in Bemisia tabaci. This result suggests that the proposed scheme is a viable alternative for biotype identification of whitefly.




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Nakabayashi, H., Mizutani, K., Ebihara, T., Wakatsuki, N., Uga, H., Kubota, K., & Ishii, M. (2017). Biotype identification of Bemisia tabaci by acoustical method. Journal of Agricultural Informatics, 8(3).



Journal of Agricultural Informatics