Europeana as a Resource for Social Scientists in Agriculture and Food: A Europeana Cloud Case Study


  • Maritina Stavrakaki
  • Nikos Manouselis
  • Vassilis Protonotarios
  • Thodoris Kontogiannis
  • Kostas Kastrantas
  • Panagis Katsivelis
  • Panagiotis Siokas



In this paper, we explore how we may give researchers from different disciplines new tools to enrich and use the data that are made discoverable and accessible through Europeana, the digital cultural aggregator of Europe. This paper presents a use case where selected content from Europeana is used as a resource for Social Scientists working in the agriculture and food domain. The process starts with the profiling and the identification of content requirements of the research community of the Greek Agricultural Economics Research Institute (AGRERI) to the enrichment of its library with quality content from Europeana and the development of a discovery microsite for AGRERI, providing access to the aforementioned selected content. The paper presents the connection of this content with AGINFRA, the data infrastructure for European agricultural research. This paper aims to showcase how researchers working in completely different disciplines may discover and exploit data sets of interest to them, from the vast amount of resources available through Europeana. By using these resources, agricultural (and not only) researchers can investigate various topics using different scientific methods and tools, thus making multi-disciplinary agriculture research more useful and meaningful.




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Stavrakaki, M., Manouselis, N., Protonotarios, V., Kontogiannis, T., Kastrantas, K., Katsivelis, P., & Siokas, P. (2016). Europeana as a Resource for Social Scientists in Agriculture and Food: A Europeana Cloud Case Study. Journal of Agricultural Informatics, 7(2).



Journal of Agricultural Informatics