Methods of processing and geovisualization of soil profiles


  • Dániel Balla
  • Orsolya Gyöngyi Varga
  • Norbert Barkóczi
  • Tibor Novák
  • Marianna Zichar
  • Anita Karika



In order to satisfy the social demand for freely obtainable and usable soil information and resources, several national and international soil databases have already been available online for those who are interested. To establish a proper infrastructure for geospatial data with online sharing systems, it is essential that their information is authentic, relevant and freely available for the general public. This paper aims to introduce the beta version of an online, community shared multi-factor soil database developed by the University of Debrecen, Institute of Earth Sciences and Faculty of Informatics. The most important functions of the online system are the acquisition, archiving and geovisualisation of soil profiles, as well as sorting them in accordance to the reference groups established by WRB (World Reference Base for Soil Resources).

Author Biography

Dániel Balla

University of Debrecen Department of Landscape Protection and Environmental Geography




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Balla, D., Varga, O. G., Barkóczi, N., Novák, T., Zichar, M., & Karika, A. (2016). Methods of processing and geovisualization of soil profiles. Journal of Agricultural Informatics, 7(2).



Journal of Agricultural Informatics