A Web application to estimate the climate change effects on agriculture in Thailand


  • Kei Tanaka
  • Takuji Kiura




A Web application was developed to estimate the effects of climate change on agriculture. We chose the northeast and north of Thailand as the target areas of this application, although most countries in the Asian monsoon region are agricultural areas. Northeastern Thailand is a rainfed farming area where rice and drought-tolerant crops are cultivated. Northern Thailand is a mountainous area where several types of vegetables are cultivated. The application identifies and recommends crops that can be grown based on the simulation results of a crop model DSSAT. The DSSAT was executed 365 times; the start date was moved forward one day each time. The effects of climate change were estimated by inputting meteorological data that reflects the influence of climate change. The most favorable start date and the yield are summarized and displayed as output. Application of this system to grid meteorological data required the shortening of execution time and handling a huge volume of data. These problems were solved using multithreading, StAX and Hadoop. The Web application with witch output data were presented was designed based on the assumption that it would be used by a farmer in the field with a 7-inch tablet.




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Tanaka, K., & Kiura, T. (2015). A Web application to estimate the climate change effects on agriculture in Thailand. Journal of Agricultural Informatics, 6(4). https://doi.org/10.17700/jai.2015.6.4.241



Journal of Agricultural Informatics