Creating a Virtual Learning Environment


  • György Hampel
  • Kinga Dancsházy



Creating a virtual learning environment may be useful to acquire knowledge in some circumstances. A Learning Management System is essential to manage a virtual learning environment. There are numerous steps of creating an e-learning curriculum. In the described three-year international project the goal was to develop an e-learning system with the following logical development scale: (1) Specification of the needs of the target group; (2) Development of the on-line toolkit; (3) Development of the training material; (4) Training of the e-tutors; (5) Development of the methodology to test the training material; (6) Pilot testing on the target group; (7) Accreditation of the modules; (8) Dissemination and promotion activities. This paper contains a brief description of the above mentioned development process which resulted in an e-learning material that can be used to prepare agrarian specialists to prepare for today’s modern world and to be a successful member of the information society.




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Hampel, G., & Dancsházy, K. (2014). Creating a Virtual Learning Environment. Journal of Agricultural Informatics, 5(1).



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