Application of the multiple objective programming in the optimization of production structure of an agricultural holding

Margit Csipkés, Lajos Nagy, László Pusztai


At an agricultural plant during the preparation of the annual plan, besides taking resources as well as market opportunities into account, we wish to accomplish a production structure which can provide maximum income for the company. As an effect of climate change extreme weather conditions can be experienced more frequently than before, which conditions are tolerated in different ways by arable cultures with variable terrain features. When there is an agreement in the final production structure, decision makers take even risk factors into account in their decision making. Endeavour for reducing burden on the environment is playing a more and more important role in decision making. These endeavors are often of opposite directions but they can be coordinated as well as compromises can be found by the application of multiple objective programming. In our article we aim at introducing opportunities for the application of this method.

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DOI: 10.17700/jai.2018.9.2.441

Journal of Agricultural Informatics