New information and communication technologies in agriculture - factors, drivers and application possibilities

Róbert Szilágyi


The new ICT technologies are not only fast developed but, in addition, are giving birth to newer systems and tools. The Internet network have become essential communication tools in business processes recently. Using the Internet by means of mobile appliances increases the possibilities. The agriculture has some speciality in information technology. The ICT adoption in the agriculture and main drivers has been examined. For the successful application the key lessons have to understand. To get a draft overview of Hungarian position there is part about it. In this part there are data about household communication devices the individuals ICT usage by age. The region differences in information technologies can be seen also. The final part of the paper there are some technology and application examples. The new devices like tablets and new services like Cloud Computing have great potential in agriculture. Cloud Computing provides better resource management and effective cost control. However, the business assessment of these technologies must not be done only on the basis of the technology and taken out of its environment randomly since the whole area is very complex.

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DOI: 10.17700/jai.2012.3.1.77

Journal of Agricultural Informatics