The Role of Agile Management in HRM Environment Change

Hasan Al Jafa, Fraij Jihad, László Várallyai


The Agile approach proved to be effective in building self-managed software development teams that can quickly respond to rapid changes and adapt to ambiguous and complex business environments with fast-changing requirements. After the pandemic, and as a cause of worldwide lockdown, companies struggled to survive. Most companies started shifting their work processes and environment to handle ambiguity using Agile methods and tools. The company’s transition to Agile is usually led by HR, which played an essential role in this change, managing the talent and choosing the best processes to benefit the organization and avoiding other rigid processes and consider them wastes. Some Agile methodologies can add tremendous value to the organizations, while applying other methods can be harmful. Today, companies seek to reinvent their working practices by incorporating the Agile approach to improve flexibility and meet increasingly competitive market demands. This study examines the Agile management role in the HRM environment transformation and its effect on the new reality of adopting technologies in all HRM.

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DOI: 10.17700/jai.2021.12.2.606

Journal of Agricultural Informatics