The importance of cybersecurity in modern agriculture

Zsanett Angyalos, Szilvia Botos, Robert Szilagyi


Nowadays, the use of information tools has become commonplace; we can not imagine our world without their help. As in any sector, agriculture needs to use these tools as the rapidly growing population food supplier. However, keep in mind that IT (Information Technologies) assets are threatened by severe threats and significant cybersecurity risks. Precision farming is based on IT, so the threat level is high. The are several information theories about information security, and there are researches in the field of agriculture informatics. The digitalization of agriculture is essential, but it brings new problems to many farms. Such new technologies like IoT devices (Internet of Things), blockchain seem to be useable in agricultural processes, but the possible IT breach should be handled. The agro-industry IT security is more vulnerable than ever before, but the benefits of using the technology promise to outweigh the risks

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DOI: 10.17700/jai.2021.12.2.604

Journal of Agricultural Informatics