Elevation models on a sample area of Bőszénfa

Róbert Barna, Bernadett Horváthné Kovács


Terrain models are widely used in several fields. Besides commercial Digital Elevation Models, there are open access models, as well. The available drone technology is also suitable to create elevation models. The characteristics, such as resolution, accuracy, fields of use of various models can be different. In the present study we investigate the potential use of various DEMs on a sample field in Bőszénfa, Somogy county. If the user’s aim is only to get general information on surface characteristics of a given area or there is no need for high quality geodesic data, then alternative models, such as open source DEMs are reasonable options instead of expensive, commercial models.

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DOI: 10.17700/jai.2021.12.2.600

Journal of Agricultural Informatics