Compilation of 3D soil texture dataset applying indicator kriging method, integrating soil- and agrogeological databases

Zsófia Bakacsi, László Pásztor, József Szabó, László Kuti, Annamária Laborczi


In the frame of the WateRisk Project (2009-2011) hydrological model has been developed for flood risk analysis, demanding the spatial distribution of soil physical properties. 3D, regional scale, spatial datasets were elaborated for pilots, based on the thematic harmonization, horizontal and vertical fitting and interpolation of soil physical parameters originating from two different databases. The profile dataset of the Digital Kreybig Soil Information System is owned by the Research Institute for Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry; the Shallow Boring Database is managed by the Hungarian Geological Institute. The resultant databases describe the physical properties by texture classes of each of the soil layers (10 cm steps till 1 m depth) and geological formations (50 cm steps below 1 m) down to the ground water table depth

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DOI: 10.17700/jai.2012.3.1.60

Journal of Agricultural Informatics