The predicted effect of utilizing modern technologies in companies’ development

Ayat Sami Odeibat, Andrea Matkó


This study aim is to creates a preliminary investigations of the impact of implementing modern technologies on companies’ overall development and on productivity. In order to attain the goals a qualitative methodology have been conducted by using a case study method. The case study took up a Jordanian company and applied some modern technology in their strategy development. Toward obtaining an in-depth comprehension of their impacts on real. Along with discovering new opportunities can be used for other researches in the future. The study provides a clear understanding and incorporation of the managers and employees who participated in this investigation directly as key stakeholders. As well as it played an important role in developing a Jordanian company by applying new methods in marketing, improve communication, leadership skills used and improve overall productivity.

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DOI: 10.17700/jai.2021.12.1.597

Journal of Agricultural Informatics