Artificial Intelligence In Talent Acquisition, Do we Trust It?

Bilal Hmoud, László Várallyai


This study aims to investigate HR leaders’ trust in AI application in talent acquisition and the role of technology trust as a predictor of HR leaders’ attitude toward its adoption. The sample was drawn from the HR professionals’ network in the Middle East using an online survey with 389 responses. The study results concluded that HR leaders have a positive attitude toward the adoption of AI applications in the talent acquisition function. Additionally, HR leaders perceived it as highly advantageous and this perception positively influenced their attitude. Further, it is concluded that. HR leaders possess high trust in AI-based talent acquisition solutions and that their perception about its reliability, credibility and technical competence are significant predictors of this trusting belief.

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DOI: 10.17700/jai.2021.12.1.594

Journal of Agricultural Informatics