Is it essential the digitization in agriculture? Experiences in Curriculum Development for Agri-digitalization engineer at BSc level

László Várallyai, Róbert Szilágyi


The paper examines the role and tasks of agricultural digitalization education. The major challenges and possibilities of agricultural digitization are inevitable. With the help of modern technology, agriculture has great benefits. This article has been based on a qualitative review of the literature to prove why digitization is necessary for agriculture, and also created a proposal for Curriculum for agriditization at BSc level. There are five suggested subjects groups: Basics of economics, Agronomy basics, Agricultural economics and entrepreneurship, Agricultural digitization and the Differentiated professional knowledge. We also suggest subjects for the knowledge groups and also propose credits to each one. We summarize the Training and Output Requirements (TOR) for the suggested course. We think that new education programmes and new approaches to extension would be also needed to accelerate the transition to digitized agriculture.

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DOI: 10.17700/jai.2020.11.2.592

Journal of Agricultural Informatics