Utilisation of Web 2.0 technologies among undergraduate agricultural students of higher educational institutions in Osun State, Nigeria

Toyin Femi Ojo, Olufemi Damilola Durojaiye


This study interrogated agricultural students’ usage of Web2.0 technologies in higher educational institutions in Osun State, Nigeria.A validated interview schedule was used to
collect data from 360 respondents who were selected through a multi-stage sampling procedure while descriptive satistics like mean and inferential like Pearson Correlation were used to sumarise and make inference from the data respectively. The mean age of the
respondents was 22.7±2.8 years and the majority (91.7%) were single. Also, the mean years of schooling were 18.07± 2.25 years while their mean monthly income was $40.06±$23.11. Also, more than half (55.80%) of the respondents had a high level of awareness about Web 2.0 technologies while about 62 percent of the respondents had a moderate level of Web 2.0 technologies usage. The findings revealed that at p<0.01, awareness level (r = 0.727) and monthly income (r = 0.124 had a significant relationship
with agricultural students’ level of usage of Web2.0 technologies. The study concludes that respondents had a moderate level of usage of Web 2.0 technologies.

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DOI: 10.17700/jai.2020.11.2.591

Journal of Agricultural Informatics