Engaging agriculture in e-government, E- agriculture potentials and its contribution in economy

Pierre Alassaf, Gábor Zsigmond Szalay


The rapid development in Information Communication Technologies accompanied with digital transformation of governments toward e-government reveals of great opportunity to engage this development in the agriculture sector in what called e- agriculture which introduces a revolution in this sector and gives innovative solutions to the anticipated problem of world hunger in future. This paper aims to reveal of the potentials of e- agriculture, strategies of its implementation and the practical initiatives in this regard, also, the paper estimates the degree of implementing ICTs in agriculture sector worldwide compared to other economic sectors. This study finds that there is a negative relation between E-government Development Index, ICTs use, Government on-line Services Index and e-Participation Index in a country and agriculture sector contribution in economy, Also, it finds that engagement of ICTs in agriculture section is still far away behind other economic sectors as the increasing development of ICTs adoption in a country has been related with a declining of agriculture contribution in economy whereas other economic sectors have increased their contributions.

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DOI: 10.17700/jai.2020.11.2.576

Journal of Agricultural Informatics