Consumer acceptance of Blockchain-Based Traceability Systems in Food Supply Chains

István Füzesi, Adrián Csordás, Shkodra Reuf, János Felföldi


The demand for the history of food is increasing. The used food traceability systems also provide this kind of information, but the appearance of blockchain could open new opportunities in this field. To set up a new food tracking system cost a lot and presumably the companies devolution it's costs on the consumers. To see their openness we examined the previous studies. According to these papers, the interest of the costumers is mixed. There are studies where a huge percentage of the surveyed want more information but the extra fee what the new system would cause should be not so much higher than the original price. Based on the available information the forecast of a new food tracking system was made with Anylogic simulation software that showed a lack of interest from the consumers’ side. The reason could be the low rate of the advertisements’ effectiveness and the high premium price of extra information as well.

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DOI: 10.17700/jai.2020.11.1.562

Journal of Agricultural Informatics