Digitization landscape in the Hungarian food-processing industry

Attila Sándor Debrenti


The food industry is the third-largest in Hungary, the first in Hungary in terms of the number of employees, and the first in Europe in the processing industry, as well as a significant user of resources. In order to develop the digitization of the food industry, it is necessary to get a picture of the situation. In this article, the most important functions, features, and aspects of these technologies are examined. Several international organizations are contributing to the measurement of digital transformation. Digital Enterprise Metrics is for the level of a single enterprise digitalization is measured with industry. My research focused on the technological aspects of digitalization. The research-based on a survey. According to the size of the company, the level of digitization increases and there are differences among branches in the food-processing sector.

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DOI: 10.17700/jai.2019.10.2.544

Journal of Agricultural Informatics