Modeling the effect of olive fruit bearing percentage on Bactrocera oleae stochastic dispersion

Romanos Kalamatianos, Pavlos Bouchagier, Markos Avlonitis


Olive fruit fly’s dispersion depends upon the olive fruit bearing percentage inside the olive grove. Previous efforts to simulate the dispersion based on the olive fruit percentage produced promising results. However the effect of olive fruit fly’s percentage and fruit fly dispersion in space were not modelled correctly in some cases. In this work we improved the dispersion model to map the data obtained better. Simulated data were compared with the measured data by computing three metric indexes. For the case of 0% olive fruit the simulated data were nearly identical to the measured data, while for the case of 30% olive fruit the reproduction of the measured data was quite promising.

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DOI: 10.17700/jai.2018.9.2.437

Journal of Agricultural Informatics