Climatic and economic parameters of the grape-wine simulation model

Károly Szenteleki, Diána Sidlovits, Csaba Horváth, László Martinovich, Attila Molnár


The reliability of grape-wine product line models is depending mainly on the accuracy of the parameter estimations based on experts’ opinion. However, model parameter estimations can be based also on newly developed climatic data bases as well as other information systems concerning product lines. In this study we introduce a grape-wine simulation product line model with a new data base system of climatic parameters organized spatially for grape growing sites. The presented development plan makes a proposal for creating and maintaining an “Integrated Information System in the Grape-Wine Sector” (VINNET) that enables an easier, more effective and more cost efficient collective platform leaning on the current systems. The system can serve a more accurate estimation of economic parameters that are necessary for simulation modelling.

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DOI: 10.17700/jai.2011.2.1.40

Journal of Agricultural Informatics