Special extension opportunities of CReMIT method in time series analysis and their application in forestry

Zoltán Pödör


One of the problems frequently arising in connection with the study of time series is the thorough examination of relationships and correlations between the examined time series. In the case of time series with periodicity, study of the effects of periods with different time shifting, delayed, and varying length of windows can be also examined by using the early developed systematic CReMIT (Cyclic Reverse Moving Intervals Techniques) method. In this paper we present a special extension to this method that allows to alloy the CReMIT, the moving intervals and evolutionary techniques. It makes it possible to examine the temporal changes of the effects and relationships using evolutionary and moving interval techniques on special secondary time series derived by CReMIT. The function and applicability of the extended method are introduced on forestry, tree growth and meteorological data because of the weight of climate change. The climate change studies provide further motivation to examine the relationships between forestry parameters (tree growth) and environmental factors.

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DOI: 10.17700/jai.2017.8.1.353

Journal of Agricultural Informatics