Smart Agro-Services in the Farm-Oriented Open Data in Europe (FOODIE) Platform: Insights from the Automatic Delimitation of Management Zones

Rodolfo B. Arango, Cristina Monteserín, Ismael S. Cerezo, Antonio M. Campos


Farm-Oriented Open Data in Europe (FOODIE) will provide specific and high-value applications and services for the support in the planning and decision-making processes of farmers and other stakeholders groups related to the agricultural and environmental domains. This paper focuses on FOODIE services based on machine learning algorithms and other artificial intelligence techniques providing, for instance, forecasting models to predict crop diseases or proposing management zones by means of clustering homogeneous zones of land. In particular, the service for the automatic delimitation of management zones is reviewed and tested in a case study. The results show the great potential of this smart agro-service for land classification.

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DOI: 10.17700/jai.2015.6.4.234

Journal of Agricultural Informatics