From science to practice: Bringing innovations to agronomy and forestry

Don Willems, Nicole J.J.P. Koenderink, Jan L. Top


The challenge of the work presented here is to make innovative research output in the agronomy and forestry domain accessible to end-users, so that it can be practically applied. We have developed an approach that consists of three key-elements: an ontology with domain knowledge, a set of documents that have been annotated and meta-annotated, and a system (ask-Valerie) that is based on a dialogue to represent the interaction between end user and system.
We show that the dialogue-metaphor is a good way of modelling the interaction between user and system. The system helps the user in formulating his question and in answering it in a useful way. Meta-annotations of key-paragraphs in the document-base turn out to be relevant in assessing in one glance what the content of a document is.
End-users are very enthusiastic about the possibilities that ask-Valerie offers them in translating scientific results to their own situation.

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DOI: 10.17700/jai.2015.6.4.214

Journal of Agricultural Informatics