Internet functions in marketing: multicriteria ranking of agricultural SMEs websites in Greece

George Tsekouropoulos, Zacharoula S. Andreopoulou, Christiana Koliouska, Theodoros Koutroumanidis, Christos Batzios, Vagis Samathrakis


The invasion of new technologies combined with the high cost for running shop force enterprises to search for new sales methods. Network applications and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) can help achieve e-commerce goals. In Greece, many enterprises in the agro-food and drink sectors are already present on the internet. This paper studies the adoption of e-commerce on websites that support e-commerce activities within the agro-food and drink sectors. Therefore, the paper aims to identify and evaluate their qualitative and quantitative content characteristics, rank them according to 6 content characteristics/criteria using the multicriteria method of PROMETHEE II and classify them in groups of similar adoption. The findings of this study reveal the rate of adoption of e-commerce in the sectors and can serve as a valuable model for the designers of websites that promote e-commerce activities within the wider areas of food and drinks

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DOI: 10.17700/jai.2013.4.2.107

Journal of Agricultural Informatics