Organic Edunet – Call for a Worldwide Platform in Organic Agriculture

László Radics, Péter Pusztai, László Csambalik, Zita Szalai, Andrea Tóbiás


Organic.Edunet (ECP-2006-EDU-410012 Organic.Edunet) aims to facilitate access, usage and exploitation of digital educational content related to Organic Agriculture (OA) and Agroecology. It deploys a multilingual online federation and digital environment of learning repositories, populated with quality content from various content producers. Organic.Edunet focuses on achieving interoperability between the digital collections of OA and Agroecology content of various EU countries. In this way, digital content that can be used to educate European Youth about the benefits of OA and Agroecology, becomes easily accessible, usable and exploitable. As the end of the project approaching the system has been set up and located to content providers preserving the network system. All partners related to education has uploaded all of their learning objects. In order to ensure the sustainability of the portal all partners contribute to affiliated partners’ organization. The project offers a digital and user defined portfolio for them even in regular learning systems or lifelong learning.

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DOI: 10.17700/jai.2013.4.1.106

Journal of Agricultural Informatics