Adopting E-training and Living Labs for Collaborative Learning for Rural Public Agencies

Maria Ntaliani, Constantina Costopoulou


Rural Small and Medium Enterprises devote significant resources exclusively for finding information so as to perform public services. The current period of information technology achievements but also financial crisis necessitates a different approach by local agencies and regional public authorities so as to provide information to rural businesses. In this paper , a European project entitled “Rural Inclusion” aiming at making the life of civil servants and rural entrepreneurs easier through innovative e-government services, training tools and methods is presented. In particular, this project offers collaborative learning for public authorities on providing information and adopting and deploying innovative e-government services, aiming at reducing the administrative burdens of rural businesses. In this light, this paper presents a framework for public authorities’ training so as to model and provide information and e-government services.

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DOI: 10.17700/jai.2013.4.1.104

Journal of Agricultural Informatics