Design, Implementation and Assessment of Videoconferencing Sessions in Earth and Life Sciences: The Case of the Agricultural University of Athens

George Papadopoulos, Iro Voulgari


In this paper we present the methodology employed in the Agricultural University of Athens for the delivery of specific courses with the use of video conferencing technology. Earth and Life Science higher education courses (agricultural, environmental and biomedical courses) present specific requirements relevant to the exposure of the students to practical issues, and the exchange of expertise. The employment of video conferencing seems be a valuable solution for addressing a number of these requirements. We describe these requirements as they emerged from our study, and present the implementation of video conferencing sessions (design, application, and assessment). Through this paper we aim at describing examples of meaningful employment of video conferencing, particularly in higher education, share the positive and negative aspects of our approach, and provide insights for similar interventions in education and training.

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DOI: 10.17700/jai.2013.4.1.103

Journal of Agricultural Informatics